Prototype General Stratigraphic of Egypt - A4

When i was in the academic year (4th year) I faced a problem that we have to memorize the name of the stratigraphic formation of Egypt in our minds to success and pass the exam in
the subject named ‘Geology of Egypt’. The stratigraphic formation name in Egypt have difficult spelling names, some names related to Egyptian culture. Memorize this names was hard, and that is the perfect time for invention.

The main idea behind this prototype is to convert textbook to comfortable graph; easy to remember instead of words. I collaborate with my colleagues, they agree with my ideas, to build a prototype to make an easy way to remember what’s the book text saying. Unfortunately it's uncompleted work to build Genralized Stratigraphic Column of Egypt, since May 2009 the project was stopped, due to final exams. I hope we be able to finish this. The coworker of this Prototype were Abdelrhman Selim, Abdallah Omar, Ahmed Maraey, and Ahmed Emam. designed by me. we used the textbook: Geology of Egypt by Prof. Aattef Hossny, Al-azhar University. You can view or downland this prototype from the link below and please give me feedback.

Prototype General Stratigraphic of Egypt - A4.pdf


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