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Favorite Geology Word: Isopach (Accretionary Wedge #35)

This my first post to  Accretionary Wedge Geoscience Blog Carnival. The current topic for AW#35 is “ What's Your Favorite Geology Word? ” hosted by .
My Favorite Geology Word Is - Isopach
Definition: A contour that connects points of equal thickness. Commonly, the isopachs, or contours that make up an isopach map, display the stratigraphic thickness of a rock unit as opposed to the true vertical thickness. Isopachs are true stratigraphic thicknesses; i.e., perpendicular to bedding surfaces.(Source)
Pronunciation:  'ī-sə-ˌpak

Date:  approximately 1918

Structure map includes an isopach of the reservoir with contours shown in red dashes. Venezuela Well Evaluation Conference, 1997, page 2-26

Isopach is a Map of the thickness variation of a stratigraphic unit; used in geological exploration for oil and for underground structural analysis.  I always love to draw it due to it's importance to evaluate a reservoir or aquifer in subsurface geology.

My favorite Example


Scientific Quotes

"Whereas non-scientific (and potentially dangerous) thinking starts with a premise and then looks for things that support it, scientific thinking constantly tries to disprove itself. That alone makes all the difference in the world."

Derren Brown

WESC Climate Workshop Day 3

"Routine can be a bad thing, a limiting thing, but it can be a source of comfort as well. We just should avoid being trapped in it" ~ Garry Hayes. I forgot to tell you we had a some really nice grilled chicken for dinner in the 2nd day.

Team of the 2nd day
Team duty is to monitor the day and collecting feedbacks about the day. A three engineers designed amazing graph for positive and negative thing in the last day. We vote for overload as negative and for diversity as positive. I’ve been selected to monitor the last day. I didn't expect that but it's good thing to do.

Dominique De Bruin gives us a presentation about What is Permaculture? and How can we apply Prima culture in Egypt?

Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems and sustainable human settlements, which have the diversity, stability, and the strength of natural eco-systems. It is harmonious combination of land and people, supplying their food, ene…

د. رشدي سعيد يتحدث عن أزمة مياه النيل

د. رشدي سعيد يتحدث عن أزمة مياه النيل أسبابها و أثارها علي مصر في عيد ميلاده التسعين!

الصوت منخفض قليلاً لكن الموضوع يستحق الإستماع خاصة مع حديث أبو الجيولوجيين كما يلقب!

Home: life on Earth كسرة خبز وملح وفيلم وثائقي

كسرة خبز وملح وفيلم وثائقي ولتذهب الدنيا بهمومها للجحيم.

The appearance of life on Earth was the result of a balance between elements that took billions of years to stabilize. Humans have profited from the lavish resources of the Earth, but have changed the face of the world by the use they have made of it. The harnessing of petroleum and its subsequent over-exploitation are having dramatic consequences for our planet. Human beings must change their behavior and their way of life before it is too late for them, their descendants and life on Earth.

Enjoy the most amazing documentary film i have ever seen!

LinkedIn Recommendation

Unfortunately you can't use your LinkedIn recommendation to apply to any Scholarships and some companies doesn't care about your online recommendation. If you want to apply to 3 Scholarships, your recommenders will hate you because of your recommendation requests. I'm thinking about establish online recommendation system confidential and validated by most of universities and multinational companies in the world. To help job seekers and students to use the power of the web to get hire or win a scholarship. I will be Entrepreneur :)