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Favorite Geology Word: Isopach (Accretionary Wedge #35)

This my first post to  Accretionary Wedge Geoscience Blog Carnival. The current topic for AW#35 is “ What's Your Favorite Geology Word? ” hosted by .
My Favorite Geology Word Is - Isopach
Definition: A contour that connects points of equal thickness. Commonly, the isopachs, or contours that make up an isopach map, display the stratigraphic thickness of a rock unit as opposed to the true vertical thickness. Isopachs are true stratigraphic thicknesses; i.e., perpendicular to bedding surfaces.(Source)
Pronunciation:  'ī-sə-ˌpak

Date:  approximately 1918

Structure map includes an isopach of the reservoir with contours shown in red dashes. Venezuela Well Evaluation Conference, 1997, page 2-26

Isopach is a Map of the thickness variation of a stratigraphic unit; used in geological exploration for oil and for underground structural analysis.  I always love to draw it due to it's importance to evaluate a reservoir or aquifer in subsurface geology.

My favorite Example


Scientific Quotes

"Whereas non-scientific (and potentially dangerous) thinking starts with a premise and then looks for things that support it, scientific thinking constantly tries to disprove itself. That alone makes all the difference in the world."

Derren Brown

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