Welcome to my blog ♥ here I wonder about geology and science. I'm not a regular blogger. Some posts are in Arabic عربي because It's the first language for more than 420 million speakers.

You will read posts under the following categories:

1- Geology I don't focus in one field of geology, it's pieces from my work and my study.

2- Science Mostly about general science and scientific thinking!

3- Research and Work Selected blogs about my career and my academic researches.

4- Reviews I like to review things in my prospective, so you may read about review for geologic software industry, movies, documentary films, computer stuff or games.

5- Conferences and Events like earthquakes and workshops or conferences I've attended to it.

6- Unsorted yes it's unsorted!

7.1 - "thoughts written in Arabic" Soon...
7.2 -

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حقوق النشر محفوظة ولا يسمح بالنشر بدون إذن مسبق مكتوب بخط اليد. ويسمح بإعادة المشاركة بشرط ذكر المصدر.

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