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Geologic sample photo 2

Here again we are drilling in Al-Namas, Saudi Arabia for geotechnical purpose and I am musing on samples for geologic purpose. Namas is a small town on the Arabian Shield. I still do not figure out the best catchy title for this blog series,

Geologic sample photo

Geologic sample photo or "GSP" as abbreviation, it will be my new blog series which I'll publishing my photos of samples we're encountering by core drilling. I aim to start an open discussion about each samples

Granite ball

While I was traveling on my way to work in the municipality of Al-Houmiyat, located on Riyadh-Makkah road, I was stopped by the road of a rock like a ball. A scene of the kind that makes you pronounce "Wow" !! A large ball of rock rests on a few centimeters firmly.