Granite ball

While I was traveling on my way to work in the municipality of Al-Houmiyat, located on Riyadh-Makkah road, I was stopped by the road of a rock like a ball. A scene of the kind that makes you pronounce "Wow" !! A large ball of rock rests on a few centimeters firmly.


I thought about what made that rock take that shape in the middle of the desert? The answer came as I approached it and heard the air whistling sound and the wind chirping around her. It is the intensity of the wind and the force it carved for the rocks.

After a time it seemed to me that the granite rocks take the shape of the balls when exposed to the erosion (air in particular) Here are other images of granite rocks flattened on the surface in Khamis Mushait, KSA:

Granit at surface in Khamis Mishit, Saudi Arabia.


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