Geologist Curriculum Vitae

In September 2009 Abdelrhman Selim earned his B.Sc in Geology from Al-Azhar University, during his study he has take part in many geological field trips in Egypt. He developed strong organizational and Self-Starter skills for his graduate research: Geological Interpretation of Reflection Seismic Data. In December 2009 he started his career as a Geologist for Ground water drilling company. He's good at identifying and describing lithological samples, good with spread sheet, safe worker with good problem solving skills. He like volunteering, Editor and Translator at Youth-Leader Magazine and Geolocation Team for Libya Crisis Map at United Nations OCHA, was his contributions for the world to spread peace and love. He went to Saudi Arabia in 2012 where he has been working as a geologist in Geotechnical Engineering industry. In this role he has been working on various geotechnical investigation sites throughout Saudi Kingdom identifying sample in core and selecting samples for further analysis. Geomodelling fascinating him, but he still a student in Geomodelling. He worked as Geotechnical Operations Manager for mega projects on Arabian Plate. Now he is open for job offers 
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