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North Sinai Cement Job Calculation

I worked for an Employer in North Sinai, Egypt as a Mud logger and well site geologist. North Sinai is distinguished by loss of circulation because of the large calcareous section (fractured limestone and

YES Network Africa Symposium 2011 2nd day

This is my blog for the 2nd day of online YES Network Africa Symposium 2011 12 January 2011, i will continue with the same way i blogged the 1st day. i hope you like my blogging style.

Actually i missed the starting, but what happened chronologically was:

- Cecilia Mukosi - South Africa: Geo-hazards in the Vhembe Districts: Erosion, Landslides, and Earthquakes. Council of Geoscience S. Africa advises communities where to put cemeteries so that they are not put where geohazards occur. Need to conduct proper assesments in order to mitigate impacts from sinkholes in Pretoria

- M. L. Diko, S. Africa - Community Engagement in Geohazard Management along the Cameroon Volcanic Line. Talk: Must encourage participatory approach between formal & informal education sectors for effective geohazard mitigation

- Hassan Mdala talking about the social implications of the 2009 Karonga Earthquake in Malawi. 2009 Karonga earthquake was the largest and most destructive earthquake in the history of Malawi


YES Network Africa Symposium 2011

The YES Network is an international association of early-career geoscientists who are primarily under the age of 35 years and are from universities, geoscience organizations and companies from across the world. About the YES Africa Symposium

I blog this event according to my opinions of the session i had participated in it online via Go To Meeting, i used twitter update to blog about this event, i arranged it chronologically. I hope this be useful.Twitter Hashtags for the event was #YESAfrica2011
Starting the event 1st day
8:30 Am Amel Barich from YES-Morocco talking about her PhD research

Geological Interpretation of Reflection Seismic Data

Geological Interpretation of Reflection Seismic DataThis my graduation research title "thesis" in partial fulfilment of requirements for B.Sc in Geology. The aim of this research is to help geophysicists and geologists new to the technique to interpret data while avoiding common pitfalls. The research providing simple guide for geologists to interpret seismic data in geological frame without mathematical or physical concept that applied in seismic interpretation. The geology department members accepted this research.