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والفجر!وعداً ووعيداً ليكونن ثأراً ترتج له السماوات والأرض = = = فهل في ذلك قسم لذي (حجرِ/عقل)!؟ إن الله أكبر

Why Whales Die?

Why Whales Die?Allah order whales and many other creatures to collect rubbish and waste material from oceans and dump it onshore/coastal line Mankind should help whales to dump all waste material and grab whales back to ocean to continue it is work.

Do not kill whales, help them. Kill all incects and worms. Jews are the the criminal group of making oceans suffring by dumping their shit on the seas.

Photo: Wadi in Molham City Ryiadh Area Saudi Arabia

Photo: Wadi in Molham City Ryiadh Area, Saudi Arabia.