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It’s All Geek to Me! WordPress

It's name of a session in ScienceOnline2011 the fifth annual international meeting on Science and the

Web. On January 13-15th, 2011. I delayed to blog about it, because I'm struggling lost circulation at depth 437m in limestone i fixed it previously but it revenge from us, we are now at 891m depth. It but me in bad mood to blog about what I'm thinking to improve my blog. During the online streaming of this session a pulse in my mind push me to ask; What is the best blogging service for scientist Blogger, Wordpress, etc.? you will see my question and the answer at time 48:12 Sorry geeks, it was confusing to me. Thank you for your answers.

Here is the vid about that session "It’s All Geek to Me" enjoy watching

[vimeo 21043520 w=400 h=225]

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I found the best discussions for my question here on Discussing WordPress for Scientists. Also  here is my Q? on LinkedIn Answers

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Colors on Geology: Culture Problem

Colors on Geologic Time Scale or on Geologic Maps form a problem to all geologists around the world, there are many standards  in color. I'll not speak about the history of colors or the culture behind the difference in colors, Geologic maps rely on color to symbolize the different ages of rocks. same area can be mapped in different colors, and you can use one or two reference to geologic time scale. USGS have standards and BGS have another standards, it's not the problem of 'Colors' and 'Colours'. When biologists made one DNA standards, they work on  the Human Genome Project to mapping the Human genome, the complete code of the human genome is one of the best science achievements. All Geologists need one standard for the geological time scale, or for Geologic Maps whatever it's source (origin) or it's culture. one standard is important for many scientific reasons.