Attempt to mapping water table contour map on Grapher

This post about when student like me try to digitizing paper map:

Illustrate the water table contour map, it was exercise in my Workbook (Practical of Hydrogeology).

My hand contouring appears in the photo but I think about how I can use Grapher to contour this map?  Grapher is An efficient and powerful graphing program for all of your most complex graphing needs.  Ideal for scientists, engineers, and business professionals! I don’t have enough experience using Grapher; so I improvise to modelling the map; first I put the values in Worksheet on Grapher with the exact arrangement on cells, see the picture below.

Then I chose contour XY data map from the icon par, then the improvisation begin with logical thinking. The result seems to be like hand contouring but its difference.

After gridding and change contour interval to 5m

One of the best functions on Grapher is you can save the model you built to use it for another data, like you save formulas in spread sheets programs (Excel) what you need to use the same calculation method is changing the input data and you will got output data according your formulas on Grapher you got your result according to your model. Now I have model machine; when I want to contour water table map I put the data and I get the result very fast. Print my map in signal A4 paper was very easy. If you have an experience about contouring maps I'd like to here from you.



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