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Accretionary Wedge #38: Back to School

In response of Anne Jefferson questions for Accretionary Wedge #38:
If you are a current or future student… what do you want to know about life and careers in the geosciences? Are there things you aren’t getting to learn or do in classes that you think are important? What sort of experiences do you want to get out of school and how do you think school can or should help you prepare for a career?
My respond here focus on, the method of studying geology. It's helpful to study how particular branch of geoscience are developed, like how continental drift theory are become the most accepted theory, but it's not necessary to study how seismic investigation are developed thorough the time. Students need to know how to interpret a seismic section; not to know who developed that branch of science so the large introductions of any subject in collage is like wasting the time. How is this branch of science work? why it useful? and how can i use it? that what i think is  important in studyin…