Google Day 3 gegypt event

For the first time ever in Egypt and Jordan, Google hosted its Google Days in December 2010, in Egypt between December 8th and 10th and Jordan between December 12th and 14th, 2010. I attended to Day 3: for Tech Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses & Marketers. Friday 10th December 2010

Be innovators, be entrepreneurs

"Do your homework .. as boring as it may be" ~  Walid Bakr

Here things started to get interesting again. Walid Bakr from Abraj Capital gave a very good session about entrepreneurship and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. then Shereif Nassr the founder of started talking about the experience he gained from starting his own business and the challenges that faced him and still facing, specially online payment in Egypt and people’s slow adoption of the idea of buying online. then, Amr Ramadan the founder of vimov came on stage and shared his experience with us too on how he struggled at the beginning till he made his company a successful example.

Ahmed Alfi the Chairman of Sawari Ventures gave another inspiring speech about how he grow as a young kid and how his father was always preparing him to be a businessman and to respect work ethics, he said that he always work with a safety net, as this makes him to work harder and harder. then he started taking questions and answering them.

Panel discussion: “From product to business”

Ziad Aly, Wael Ghonim, Tarek Saad and Hany Sonbaty were on the panel. and started taking questions from the audience and answering them. Most of the questions were about how to be an entrepreneur and how to get investment and when to start searching for a partner.

At the end, I’m sure that I missed many interesting session because they had many parallel sessions. but all in all, this was a great event that we wish to happen again soon and in more countries and cities in the region to reach more people and give them hints on what can be done using Google’s technologies and services. and sure, in events like that; meeting great people like you is always the best part.


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