Sannur Caves in BeniSuef

Sannur Cave is characterized by the presence of geological formations known as Stalactites and Stalagmites in a perfect beautiful formed over millions of years, about 60 million years ago dates back to the Era of Middle Eocene. Leakage of aqueous solutions of calcium carbonate saturated through the roof of the cave and then evaporated, leaving the mineral salts that accumulated in the form of deposits of stalactites and stalgmites. Sannur cave extends a distance of about 700 m, breadth about 15 m and depth is about 15 m. It’s Located in Beni Suef province, Egypt. about 70 kilometres southeast of the city. The cave is important to the scarcity of such natural formations “Egyptian Alabaster” as it is of great importance for researchers, Geologists, and Caving fans.


كهف وادي سنور في بني سويف من أجمل الكهوف التي رأيتها في حياتي. ما تراه في الصور هي أحجار جيرية نتجت عن عمليات التبخر من مياه الينابيع الحارة داخل الكهف، أو من عمليات ترسيب بطئ من قطرات المياه الساقطة من الشقوق التي تملئ سقف الكهف  ثم تبخرت مما نتج عنها أعمدة هابطة وأخري صاعدة داخل الكهف. يتميز كهف وادي سنور بصخور جيرية نادرة و فريدة، تشتهر بإسم المرمر المصري أو الألباستر المصري وهي الأكثر إصفراراً عن مثيلاتها في وادي الأسيوطي قرب أسيوط.  يمتد الكهف 700 متر وبعرض 15م وبعمق 15م و يرجع تاريخ الكهف إلي حقبة الإيوسين المتوسط منذ حوالي 60 مليون سنة.

Eastern Desert, Egypt.

to the cave

the entrance




Sannur Cave


  1. السلام عليكم how did you reach the location?

  2. وعليكم السلام
    It's known cave in Beni Suef. You can follow the coordinates in the post above.

  3. Thanx 4 ur reply,
    I tried to go last Friday but I do not have a 4x4 car, so I think you own one or hired one?

  4. Actually, this trip was guided and funded by academic program.

  5. Hi Abdelrahman,
    Can I get to the site with a normal car? And if not, do you think it is possible to hire a car from there to take us inside? Thanks!

  6. Hi Nora,
    I do not think It is possible with normal car, unless you like adventure of driving on unpaved road in the middle of the desert, on the other hand in BeniSuef city It's hard to rent a 4x4 car. But it worth to try.

  7. Mona Sandoubi15/04/2014, 04:37

    Great report, nice photos!

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