Mega Geoscience News: Curiosity landing on Mars MGN #1

Mega Geoscience New is my new blog series to catch up with the big news in geoscience, and keep up to date with achievement in my beloved science.

1 -  8 days till Curiosity Rover landing on Mars.

The Science of Curiosity: Seeking Signs of Past Mars Habitability, Unlike previous
rovers to Mars, Curiosity is a robot chemist seeking evidence of past habitability on Mars.

But landing on Mars never been easy it's a seven minutes of terror:

2-   IODP - Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

Expedition 342: The trillion dollar question! Episode 5 "BACK TO THE FUTURE"

Expedition 337: Interview with Co-chief scientist of IODP Expedition 337. Is it true that the deep life beneath the ocean has to do with the global carbon cycles?

Expedition 343:  Temperature Observatory Successfully Installed in the Fault Zone - Japan Trench

3-  6 Days To Go Until 34th IGC Congress
The 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) provides a forum for presenting scientific results across the whole spectrum of the geosciences.


I hope you enjoyed that blogging journey though Mega Geoscience News.


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