Accretionary Wedge #42: Rocky Eggs

This month AW #42 named "Countertop Geology" by Ian Saginor of the blog Volcanoclast.

Have you seen a great countertop out there?
Sure, everyone says it’s “granite”, but you know better. Take a picture, post it on your own blog or send it to me and I’ll post it for you. Do you think you know what it is or how it was formed? Feel free to include your own interpretation and I’m sure others will enjoy joining in the discussion. Ron Schott suggested that we expand the entries by including any decorative stone material that has been separated by humans from its source. This includes buildings, statues, etc. There’s a lot of really unusual stuff out there, so make sure to find a good one.

Read more details and more contribution on Countertop Geology.

My dad bought those eggs to put them in a home aquarium to give fish some funny floor, but we still don't have that aquarium. I think the calcareous one is Marble and I'll let the other geeks geoscientist who have experience than me to interpret other eggs and the countertop and here's some comments from #GeoTweeps:



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