Science Online London: FEAR of science blogging!

How is the web changing science? Join Science Online London 2011 to find out. My brain tried to find out that with others on twitter the best brainstorming online tools on web. I tweet a lot of thoughts, and questions about science blogging and science policies during the live stream. And here is some of the problem that I'm interested in it. Personally i hate speaking on behalf of employers or organizations, I hate that fear of say something unprofessionally, specially when you wondering or blogging about your job or your career. You know that style of speaking/blogging "I'm awesome and my employer/organization is the best" we say that, because we don't want to loss our jobs.
but I'm searching for or thinking about a way or policy that give me the right to comment, suggest or even criticize other papers and my work to improve it or asking others to do that without any fear. I don't want to blog under fake name because i want to promote my self. I think people and employers doesn't care about ghost sci bloggers.

What's the most important science blogging policies?

After 25 January revolution we abolished SSI the corrupted organization that deal with political blogger policies. And I'm a happy blogger because my employer and my previous educational university doesn't have blogging policies, but that does not mean i can say anything. The only policy that control my blog is my personal ethics. If the disclaimer that i mention in the description of my blog *opinions = mine* can end this fear that will be cool?! I'm aspiring geologist, so I'm caring about my future employer/organization blogging polices, So I don't want to hurt my career, I mean i don't want my blog to work against me!. On the other hand I don't want my next employer/organization prevent me from communicate with other scientists/bloggers/Sci writers all over the world. The benefits of doing science blogging is obvious to me, but the FEAR is not clear to me. Because I can't identify it! People fear what they don't understand! I want to know what's the general science blogging policy? What's the most important science blogging policy? If you have a link or website about that please tell me.

No pain, No gain

If we're not open to bad comment/criticize online! How cloud we learn from our faults? and how could we gain that type of learning without blogging unprofessionally. When Anne Osterrieder tweeted this
Using humour in sci to connect with people-one of my fav topics! like to use it. Again, many sci afraid to appear unprofessional. ~ Anne Osterrieder

I replied How can we use humor or free thinking to release our creativity without afraid to appear unprofessional? I think that's the main point of FEAR. because the fear from stealing our papers/works is ended by a lot of publishing policies. (In some cases we don't want to be online stupid scientist, when we asking/don't know about basics, fundamentals etc.). The fear of appearing unprofessional is a limitation and i don't know how can i overcome that fear.

Please share with me your fear or thoughts.


  1. Certainly, there are topics which need to be handled more delicately than others. Unless your mixing a lot of politics with your science writing, I can't imagine why future employers would think your being unprofessional. The only piece of advice I can give is to avoid inflammatory remarks and open criticism of your political system or any companies. Just stick to the science and be unbiased in your writing.

  2. Thanks for the advice, some of my posts are related to career-political stuff or science-religion opinion What if future employers/organizations have another opinions or prejudice? I don't know what should i write to avoid clashes?!.

  3. That's a tough call. I'm of the opinion that if you have to edit your blog so as to not offend a future or current employer, you probably don't want to work for them anyways. However, that's not always feasible, and in your case with trying to find employment, is a very real concern. The only thing I can think of is that you avoid writing about politics and religion. Stick strictly to the science and don't even mention anything related to politics or religion


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