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There was some questions in my mind when i start my blog, How to make a good blog? How to blog? What is the best style for science blogging? I got some good answer lately, I think it's useful enough to share it here with sci bloggers who want know the answer or have answers of the following questions.

What is the best blogging service for scientists (Blogger, Wordpress, tumblr, or Posterous etc.)?

Obbie King: The best blog for a scientist (or anyone, for that matter) is the one that that particular person finds most comfortable to work with and that most effectively communicates the content he/she is presenting. I would suggest "playing around" with some of the more popular platforms, look for ways to make it "look" the way you want, and decide which platform makes you feel more comfortable. You then may wish to get help from someone who's well-versed in your chosen service to set up the fine details and get you rolling.

What is the best blogging strategy can Geologist/Scientist use to get hired in multinational company?

John Groth: Go to forums associated with your job and industry. What questions are being asked? What seems to be the concerns? Use this information as a starting point in writing your blog posts. Submit the information to relevant other blogs and newsletters. Issue a press release when you start your blog. Write some articles with industry or job specific keywords and get them published in article directories with links back to your blog. Your goal is to have a robust list of information on the first page of Google results when a prospective employer looks up your name and this will help you stand out from other job candidates.

What's the advantage and disadvantage of bilingual Science Blogging?

Bora Zivkovic @BoraZ double the work? But greater audience.

Miguel Vera @miguelveraleon: I blog mostly in spanish, but I'd say the adv. are reaching out to and, at the same time, getting feedback from a wider audience. The disadvantage is the double effort of writing in 2 languages.

Becky Stewart: The advantage is obvious, to reach a wider audience. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to compose your message in two languages (unless you use a translation program and then tweak the results). Also, your posts will take up more space on your website, if you have constraints on that.

*Thanks to everyone who helped me to ask the right person. If you want to add a question or want to add your answer for the above questions, please add it in comment section.*


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