Notes from Mineral resources to revival Egypt symposium

Yesterday we finished the 3rd workshop in "Mineral resources to revival Egypt symposium" at Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions (ESSP), here some notes I wrote.

- According to Egyptian geological survey, the type of data for maps of Egypt are 23% raster 37% vector 61% scanned.

- There are large amount of data in Egyptian scientific organizations, but it's not available for everyone. There's no democracy of data.

-  Only 1.2% of total Egypt area 1 million sq. km are geologically explored!

- 3.1 million EGP is total exporting budget from mining. that's too small!

- There's no standard units at Egyptian Geological Survey. That's causing a lot of problems, read some here Colors on Geology

- 26% of Egypt area available to move people from Nile valley and deltas to end population problem without large coasts.

some of my recommendations:
1- We have to change the defect of teaching geology to poetry and history students section and restrict it to scientific section in high schools.
2- We don't want "Dubai" developing style (copy and past) we need a real raising.

I talked and submitted suggestions about How the next government should help unemployed geoscientists.



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