EGY Science Festival

EGY Science Festival was launched for the first time. The event aims at shedding light on young Egyptian researchers and innovators. Also gathering scientific patents, researches, inventions, projects and organizations at the same place. I got a chance to present my academic project, It was a new experiment to me. I think Student should training to invent and present what they invent. I know I'm blogging about something is not interesting to world researchers, but this was a good reason for me to walk in marches with other protesters to destroy the regime that prevent us to invent or even make scientific researches. a regime that kill your passions to invent, put you in necessary food circle must be down.

What is your assessment of the Mubarak regime's track record in research?

What record? I am not sure that a government that uses plain-clothes police and thugs to crush protests and kill peaceful protesters would even understand what scientific research means. ~ Hassan Azzazy

I think the economic miracle of Japan after "Wold War 2" because they have scientific base can rebuild everything. Egypt doesn't have a real scientific base. Japan always can wake up from Geohazards because of scientists. Building scientist should be the first priority in strategic national agenda after Jan 25 revolution.



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