Origin of Wadi Elbattekh - وادي البطيخ Accretionary Wedge #36

This month is a tough  Accretionary Wedge announced by Geosciblog:
"What do you regret leaving behind at a geological locality?"

In other words, what samples, specimens, or even photographs do you regret "not getting enough of"?

OK, Wadi Elbattekh or وادي البطيخ my translation is "Watermelon Valley" it's a Wadi filled with strange rock shape and very soft in touch (Like talc without leaving powder trace in your hand). I think the origin of this rocks is still a mystery. In the photos below you see how it's beauty and strange in shape. Unfortunately no result or data about that wadi on internet!

Wadi Elbattekh, Kharga Oasis, Egypt.   وادي البطيخ 

Prof. Atteff Hosni was the guider for this field trip. I remember the frame of geohisory about it, what he said about the origin of that shape. He guess those Battekhes transferred in desert by stream and become in a

With my colleagues around one of those "بطيخ"

lake bottom. the lake evaporated or chemical reaction I can't remember. I would if I recorded what was he said!

I left behind voice record to Prof. Attef about geohistory of the wadi, rock sample; I don't know how can i take sample form those kind of rock? "methodology" I think it's not just break a pieces of it. And I left some geological photos for the entire wadi.

I liked this wadi so much. you know a place that trigger you to think and musing!


  1. Thank you for your contribution. These "watermelon rocks" are fascinating, especially the "soft to touch" part.

    I hope you or someone else arrives at a good explanation for these.

  2. [...] next contribution comes from Egypt!  Way cool.  Selim Abdelrhman reports on the strange rocks of Wadi Elbattekh in Egypt.  From his words: “OK, Wadi [...]

  3. Very good article , could I have more information ; please contact me.


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