WESC Climate Workshop Day 3

"Routine can be a bad thing, a limiting thing, but it can be a source of comfort as well. We just should avoid being trapped in it" ~ Garry Hayes. I forgot to tell you we had a some really nice grilled chicken for dinner in the 2nd day.

Team of the 2nd day

Team duty is to monitor the day and collecting feedbacks about the day. A three engineers designed amazing graph for positive and negative thing in the last day. We vote for overload as negative and for diversity as positive. I’ve been selected to monitor the last day. I didn't expect that but it's good thing to do.

Mohamed explain to us the voting diagram


Dominique De Bruin gives us a presentation about What is Permaculture? and How can we apply Prima culture in Egypt?

Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems and sustainable human settlements, which have the diversity, stability, and the strength of natural eco-systems. It is harmonious combination of land and people, supplying their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. Without sustainable agriculture and human settlements there is no possibility of a sustainable human culture.

Since its first publication in 1978, the design methods of permaculture have found application in nearly every aspect of human endeavour. Currently the permaculture movement is an international network and community of practioners, trainers and designers who create working models in every country and every possible environment.

Team Building

Effective practice to build a team. Chaos might complete a work, but benefits of Leader presence is valuable.

Everyone catch end of the rope and trying to insert the pen in the bottleneck

What's next?

Open discussion about the next step in internship. What we will do? What we can do? What we have to do?

Team of the 3rd day

Because there is no time for building graphs or collecting personal opinions. I've decided to collect feedback at the real time and discuss it. Amena make amazing movie using the picture that taken during the internship, every one was happy for her work.

Group photo: Participants, organizers, and climate ambassadors photo by Sarah Rifaat



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