Climate Workshop at WESC

It was a gneiss days! at Wadi Environmental Science Centre I've take part in the amazing climate intern. I've learned a lot of good things from it. Even if you love your work you need some rest from the work routine. Climate, climate change, water scarcity in Egypt and sea level raise is the topics been discussed in team work style. The program  scheduled in perfect way! to trigger or release your skills. Actually I missed the first day but they explain  every thing to me like i was there before. I'll blog using the workshop booklet as a guide.

Story telling

Will Bates the 350 global campaign co-director give us a good session about story telling. I'm not a story teller specially about my self, but I'm a blogger about my self :)

Brainstorming for water problems

Our brainstorm was about Seawater intrusion. We tried to explain the problem and i think we did our best!

Me and Amira tryied to explain how sea water intrude to the groundwater in coastal areas.

Tech Activities

Practical technical team work to build a small models for water desalination and water cleaning.  Sara El Sayed give us useful analysis about team work and witch team is the best.

That was a small model for sustainable desalination from the soil by collecting evaporated water from the soil that already have evaporation rate!!!

Identifying problems and existing projects – What can we do?

Giving others chance to speak about your own idea might hurt your presence as ideas engine, but I think passing your idea to an ideas engineer will be effective. What we can do against water scarcity in Egypt? we suggest a graphic video to aware Egyptian lady's at homes to save every water drop.

Camp fire activities

I'll not tell you what is the camp fire mean! coz it's something you should test! Dominique De Bruin tell us a good story, he make us fly like eagle and see world become greener in bird eye in the future. That was great dream!

Special thanks goes to organizers, and DEMENA climate ambassadors  :)

Read about Day 3


  1. I like the way you present the team work is good a lot of information
    good luck
    سعدت بالقراة انا احب البحوث العلمية مغرمة بقراءتها احب الارض
    احب ترتيب صخورها الوانها تقودني الى عظمة الخالق

  2. Thank you!
    أسعد بزياراتك وتعليقاتك


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