GeoCareer in Egypt

After a year and half of job hunting for a geologist position, I feel like I'm searching for water on Mars. It's hard to find suitable position match your qualifications. I know it has become
global issues for geology career, but I don't want to lose my faith. Government oil/mining companies already have corrupted hiring system. In general, they ask you for your grade (GPA), they hire only the perfect student, but How can they judge the low grade fresh graduates? the national universities has given you this grade/score, because they are using bad/old education system not applicable in the industry. Some universities adding general subjects or Islamic subjects/syllabi that doesn't related to geoscience and that's may affect on your (GPA). On the other hand foreign companies and investors always want experienced geologist, but most of Egyptian geologists are fresh graduates. I hope one day we end any corrupted status or system to provide fair jobs for everyone or change the minds of who in charge. I surprised! when I realized the gap between foreign companies and the government, there's no connection. The government, the private institutions, companies,  and the labor force need to co-operate in order to solve the problem.!/GeoSelim/status/55323525808005120


  1. Yes, we hope strongly and believe that Egypt and geology careers get better and successful worldwide as well. Blogging this is a great start to making changes and educating others. Keep it up. kudos!!!!!

  2. did u think (for fresh graduated) u'll work as a geoscientist in someday?

  3. [...] talked and submitted suggestions about How the next government should help unemployed geoscientists. Rate this:Share this:MoreLike this:LikeOne blogger likes this [...]


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