Ubuntu 10.10 on Dell Inspiron 1525

Because we are not just geologist live in desert and collecting rocks samples, I blog about some computer technical problems hoping any developers and programmers read it and fix all of this problems.

I faced many working problems on Dell Inspiron 1525 with Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 on Dell Inspiron 1525
Ubuntu 10.10 on Dell Inspiron 1525

1- Bad image quality in Firefox when you zooming the screen.

2- Video quality totally bad using Totem Movie Player 2.32.0

3- I can't read Arabic in txt files

4- Sound icon in system try disappear suddenly!!!

5-It's hard to load subtitle to any kind of film specially Arabic subtitle using Totem Movie Player 2.32.0

6- After many tries to load Arabic subtitle finally i do it but  when you use seek par in Totem Movie Player 2.32.0 the subtitle disappear!!

I found best way to install ubuntu is to run it from the windows like any program and choose setup inside the windows it's very easy. thank you ubuntu developers, and I didn't like unity interface it's for the beginners.



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