Life is the sum of all your choices

When applying to college, people aren't always sure of what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Some people just know that they will need a college education to either better themselves, or to
develop a skill. Some people know right from the start. When I finished the high school it’s the time to choose which college I will attend to it, the selection in AL-azhar University depend on your grade to obtain college near your city whatever the course you will study. AL-azhar selected the faculty of legislation and lows to me depending on the nearest collage. At this moment Something deep in my heart tell me you shouldn’t do that, on the first day of the university I travelled to the faculty place, I did not listen to any lectures in this day I went straight to the student affairs, I asked them what is the other faculty I can attended to it? They laugh :D and tell me the last day of transferring is tomorrow! I told them I need to lift this faculty.  After long speech they give me transferring paper to the faculty of science in Assuit the most far collage place in AL-azhar University, it’s 580 km far from my home, when I back to home and told my mom she was surprised, I told her I take my decision. Until know my mom still tell me this is the most strange thing you did in your life, now I graduated from faculty of science and very happy with my strange decision.


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